Using a business website template is a great place to start when you’re not a coder or a web designer. It’s okay not to know how to create a website from scratch! 

These days business website templates can be very customizable. The coding and the design are done for you so you have one less thing to worry about.

A quality business website template will: 

  • Allow you to plug in your own logos, graphics, pictures and fonts. 
  • Take care of all the complex coding. 
  • Provide customizable widgets to make easy updates at any time.
  • Point prospective clients to your social media channels.

Trust me, I know coding and website design can be intimidating! That’s the beauty of using a business website template. Everything is customizable.  So not to worry, if you use a business website template, you don’t have to sacrifice originality. Your website will still be able to stand out and represent you and your business.

But a typical business website template doesn’t give you the words you need to truly capture the essence of your business and make your website into a great sales tool. 

You might have created a website that is beautifully designed and technically functional, but now you might be left staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to write. The words just aren’t coming. 

The words on a website are powerful. After all, how else can your prospective clients get from your About page to your powerful call to action without the words to guide them? Your website is your opportunity to make your business shine and make an outstanding first impression.

I know it can be challenging to write about yourself and your business. You want to craft the exact right message, with all of the appropriate SEO keywords and phrases while being authentic enough so people will actually want to reach out and contact you. It’s a challenge. I’m right there with you. 

I want to help you with this challenge, so I created a business website template that doesn’t leave you staring at a blinking cursor.  

It’s called The Website Blueprint and it’s a DIY course that shows you the framework we use to build all of our clients’ websites and turn them into their best sales tool—because a business website template just isn’t enough, you need to get the messaging right to create a website that attracts more clients and does the selling for you. 

The Website Blueprint can help you get it right, so that you can attract more clients and close more sales and enrollment opens soon!!