Ever wonder if your website is pulling its own weight? What I mean is, is your website just a bunch of words and pictures, or is it truly an effective sales tool?

I’m Gina Williams, founder of Websites That Elevate, a digital marketing agency in San Diego, CA, and it’s my job to help businesses get more sales from their websites.

If your website hasn’t been bringing you customers on a consistent basis, then it’s probably due to one of the following three reasons.

#1: Lack of Traffic

The first most common reason is a lack of traffic. It makes sense, right? If nobody is visiting your website, then it’s not going to produce the leads that you’re hoping it will.

As a general rule, if you’re not getting over 500 unique visitors a month, then you need to start looking at what you can do to bring in more traffic. That could mean investing in search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It all depends on your business, but you need more people actually seeing your website before it’s going to deliver the leads that you’re hoping for.

#2: Poor Website Design

The second reason for low web sales is a poor site design. You may have heard that content is king − and that is true for getting people to your website. But if you have over 500 unique visitors a month, then your traffic is fine, and you need to consider other reasons. At this point, web design becomes king.

  • Your site loads too slowly. How quickly your website loads is crucial, and that applies to all devices, including cell phones. Over 60 percent of searches are now done on mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, people will simply not read it. [Check your website speed at: https://gtmetrix.com/
  • There’s too much text and not enough images. Most people won’t take the time to read large paragraphs, especially if there aren’t any images to break up the monotony of big blocks of text.
  • It’s outdated looking. I’m sure you’ve come across a website that looks like it’s from the early 2000’s. Most people aren’t going to have the same confidence in that company as they do in a site that looks more sleek and up-to-date. A modern design gives the impression that a company really has their presence under control, and this will encourage more user engagement.

#3:  Unclear (or no) call to action

What if you have plenty of traffic and your website is working properly (drawing people in and not turning them off), but your web sales are still down? The third reason you’re probably not getting more web leads is a weak or non-existent call to action. This is the thing that you’re asking a customer to do.

Do you want them to call for an estimate, download your PDF or eBook, or subscribe to a newsletter? At this point, they’ve already spent a decent amount of time on your site. You know that they want to see what you have to offer. You’ve got to have a compelling call to action that they just can’t say no to.

There you have it − the top three reasons why your website isn’t bringing you leads on a consistent basis − not enough traffic, poor design, and a weak call to action.

If your website seems to be suffering from one of these problems, schedule a chat today. We’d love to help!