How do you write website copy that’s going to hook a potential client when web readers make such quick decisions about a website (and if it’s worth their time).  Did you know, visitors will decide if they trust your business based on your website in just 2 seconds? I have a few simple tips up my sleeve that will help you get their attention and write website copy that sells your services. 

The first rule of how to write website copy that sells: Have a clear, simple, and effective Call To Action (CTA). 

A huge percentage of small businesses are missing a call to action on their website and that’s the number one thing that gets a prospect moving in your direction!  Oh, and by the way, that old standby “Contact Us” isn’t going to cut it. Something like “Get Started” has a much higher success rate because it gives the client the feeling that they’re actually getting somewhere—making progress toward solving their problem or reaching their goal. And make sure you actually show potential clients how they can get started. The CTA should help the client make progress and move forward. 

The second rule of how to write website copy that sales: Have a transformational headline. 

Website copy that sells will answer these questions: What is the end result of working with you? What value is that person going to walk away with? What are they losing by not working with you? What kind of transformation can only you provide? 

Consider that when someone lands on your website they’re not so much interested in you and what you do, but more than likely they’re looking for what you can do for them.  

A third rule of how to write website copy that sells: Make the CTA immediate. 

In the age of instant internet gratification, don’t make your potential client wait. If you can make your call to action easier, less expensive (or free) or faster—do it!   And then make sure your prospects (website visitors) know what you’re offering and how fast, easy or inexpensive it is!  You’ll get a significant increase in leads when you do.

Finally, a fourth rule of how to write website copy that sells: Keep all of the important information above the fold. 

“Above the fold” is an old journalism term that means placing all of the important information at the top so that you can see it before you scroll down. Keep the headlines at the top scannable, clear and concise. Optimize your above the fold copy by adding a well produced video that plays automatically, have your simple and effective CTA and your transformational headline. 

Your above the fold copy should inspire curiosity. It should make your potential clients lean in and want to know more about you and your business. 

You only have 2 seconds to impress them, you better make it good!

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