Personal Trainer

Company Details:

30 Minute Fit

  • Size:  Husband & wife team
  • Age:  Start-up company
  • Summary:  This husband and wife team started their business to help others get healthy through gentle 30 minute workouts and nutrition education.

30 min fit final ATF

Reason for Redesign:

With their new business they knew that they would be competing against some big brands and that their website needed to showcase the value of working with them over the big name competition.

They decided to go with a simple website

But robust website that had sections to speak directly to all 3 of their major client types: busy professionals, elderly clients and those recovering from injuries
jesse traficonte

“Gina and her team helped me develop my ideas into the content on our website. And also taught me to use the WordPress platform to make simple changes to the website myself.”

Jesse Traficonte, Personal Trainer

The Website

The Results:

The client was thrilled with their website, how it connected with their ideal clients, and the fact that it didn’t take much time away from their true work of helping others get healthier.

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