Full Custom Website – Personal Brands

Company Details:

Coach Karen Kramer

  • Size: Team of 5
  • Age: In business for 15 years
  • Summary: A highly trained life coach and personal development coach

Reason for Redesign:

Coach Karen had a website that was outdated and not working efficiently.  In addition to that she was repositioning her practice to focus on a new client type and her original website designer was unresponsive.

She wanted a new website that worked to attract her new client base and to do so in a Story Brand style.

Before & After


“We didn’t want to position ourselves based on price alone. Gina and her team helped us communicate the value that we bring to our clients and created a website that sets us apart from our competition in every way!”

Karen Kramer, Personal Development Coach

The Website

The Results:

With this project it was especially important that we showed prospective clients that she understands their situation. So we walked them through the story of what they are feeling and how she can help them live their dream life. Then we made sure to include testimonials that really spoke to the progress she helps her clients make.

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