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Company Details:

In Mimi’s Kitchen

  • Size: Solo-entrepreneur
  • Age: In business for 30 years
  • Summary: This caterer and personal chef has been creating the perfect food to make your event a hit for a long time, and she’s great at it!

Mimis Kitchen final ATF

Reason for Redesign:

She wanted a redesign for her website, not only because it was older and beginning to look outdated, but also because her previous website designer had talked her into adding an e-commerce element to her website.  It wasn’t what she wanted and no one was using it.  

Instead of increasing her revenue this website was distracting people from what she really wanted her prospects to see—the different events that she could make fabulous through her food.

We redesigned her website focusing on showcasing the events that she specialized in and how beautiful and appetizing it all looks and tastes!

Before & After


“Gina helped me simplify my website yet made it more powerful! She made me part of the building block so I could fully be aware of how one photo or one sentence can have such an impact—and bring more clients!!”

Michelle WinterNolte, Catering Chef

The Website

In Mimis Kitchen

The Results:

Now, Michelle has a website that truly reflects her business. It’s simple yet impactful and helps to ensure that the referrals she receives do make that first call to work with her because when they look her up online they see what she does and how she serves her clients.

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