If you own a brick and mortar business, you might think since your exits, entrances and parking lots are ADA compliant, you are all set. Your business is public, so of course you comply. It’s the law! But don’t forget: Websites are public spaces too. 

Here’s the truth of the matter…if a person with a disability can’t access a website, they’re left out of a huge part of public daily life. If they’re left out, they have the option (and the legal right) to file an ADA website lawsuit against you and your business. I’m willing to bet that’s not an expense you want to take on. 

ADA website lawsuits are on the rise

The pandemic has highlighted the lack of accessible websites even more. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to live more online, there were over 10,000 ADA website lawsuits in federal court. That number is only going to skyrocket as we depend more and more on all things digital. 

How much do ADA website lawsuits cost?

Well, do you want the bad news or the really bad news? An ADA website lawsuit is going to cost way more than just legal fees and settlements. 

First, it’s just bad for your business’s reputation and brand. In addition to defendant and plaintiff costs, there could be potential expert witness costs, mediation/arbitration costs, tag along lawsuits and physical access complaints that can lead to revealing an inaccessible website. And the cost snowball continues…

On the surface, a large organization could see a $25K settlement, but with all of these hidden costs no one talks about, the final price tag could be a cool $1 million. Yikes. Do you have $1 million to spend on an ADA website lawsuit? I sure don’t! 

How can businesses prevent an ADA website lawsuit?

This is where my team and I come in. We can help you avoid the risk of an ADA website lawsuit in your future. It’s tough to get ADA compliant through coding alone, and it’s expensive!

But there is GOOD NEWS, friends!

There’s a better way to get an ADA website! 

There’s a simple solution, and I can help you get it installed quickly and affordably so that you can better serve all of your customers and avoid a costly lawsuit! It’s called Accessibe and it’s a simple piece of code, much like a tracking pixel that you insert on your website and it keeps your website ADA Compliant.

It works just like the one on our site—click the little blue icon on the lower right side of the screen!

You can become compliant and avoid a costly lawsuit in one of 2 ways: